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Supply Chain Management

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In the News

  • (April 20, 2015) UACCH hosted a forklift training at the Texarkana campus on Saturday, April 18 as a means Hope.ForkliftTrng.Apr15of meeting employer needs and in effort to recruit new students into the supply chain management program. Local employers indicated that this type of training was desired for both current employees and future hires in supply chain management. Although forklift training is not currently an objective in the supply chain management program, a supply chain management instructor is looking into the possibility of adding it to the Inventory course. A second forklift operating class is planned for the future. (Pictured right: Iry Rice, Instructor and student, Aaron Jackson at the forklift training)                                                                                                                                                             .
  • (January 29, 2015) UACCH has ordered equipment to be used for advanced PLC training.  Once it is installed, demonstrations will be given to our local sector partners to showcase the capabilities of the equipment.  Shaun Clark, Director of Industry Training, will be working closely with Chris Shaver, the Industrial Electricity instructor, to develop training sessions that will meet specific company needs.

  • (November 28, 2014) Brandon Renfro, Supply Chain Management (SCM) instructor, attended a statewide economic summit in Little Rock.  The information presented will be used in the Macro- and Microeconomics courses which are part of the SCM curriculum at UACCH.  Staying abreast of the current economic conditions will promote relevant instruction within the SCM program.
  • (September 12, 2014) The recently approved Supply Chain Management program started this fall at UACCH with the following two courses, Introduction to Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Students were encouraged to enroll in both courses, which are offered in a hybrid format on the Texarkana and Hope campuses. All currently enrolled students plan to take the next two Supply Chain Management courses offered in the spring, Transportation and Inventory. The hybrid format allows students to receive weekly, face-to-face interaction with the instructor, supplementing the students’ online access to recorded course lectures and weekly chapter quizzes.  Plans are underway to deliver courses that are completely online for the Spring semester. The hybrid and online course delivery formats lend themselves well to the schedules of working adults.  Several students are currently working with local firms in supply chain management roles and are excited about the opportunities this new program provides.

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  Project Coordinator: Shaun Clark

  Phone: 870/722.8126

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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